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Welcome to WebClinician.com


Written by Troy Sammons

webclinician_logo_smallWebClinician is your source for online, live, and hybrid medical courses. Our goal is to provide instruction on innovative techniques that improve treatment outcomes.

We understand that practitioners have very little expendable time. They must be current on the advances within their continually evolving profession and apply innovative techniques that are safe, efficient, and highly effective. At WebClinician we have designed our programs so that the busy professional can absorb much of the didactic material online, which enables them to spend less time away from their clinics. With our hybrid courses, participants are prepared online and are then able to attend hands on laboratory demonstrations focused on practical skill development under the guidance of our highly skilled instructors.

Make WebClinician your first choice for Continuing Medical Education. Our instructors and authors are dedicated to providing CEU approved courses that will help you build a successful practice.

Dry Needling